Let’s be honest, publishing Youtube videos on facebook is not going to do much of anything to help us make progress in our country.  And I worry sometimes that these actions can give us a false sense of speaking out … social media turning into an echo chamber of people who think like we do, and then we walk away feeling like we have done something important but without changing anyone’s mind, and without a better understanding of how the other side thinks.

Except …

Except that sometimes you see something that moves you – and that reminds you that it is not going to be easy to maintain everything that we love about our country (and there is a lot of it) and to continue pushing against the things we don’t love (yup, some of that too).  Sometimes you need to get goosebumps and find yourself ugly-crying into your pint of halo top ice cream to realize that “entertainment” can sometimes be that reminder you need to keep the fight going.

We shouldn’t give up.  She didn’t.  And honestly, he (Trump) didn’t either.  So when you need that reminder of how it felt the day or two after the election was called to keep that fire burning, turn here.  Four days, weeks, months, and years from now – turn to this, or whatever it is that brings you goosebumps, and gets your fire going.