The one bright side of waking up on November 9 was that at least the election was over … right?  Am I reaching here?

Regardless, I think the last thing that anyone really wanted to think about was “well, let’s start planning for the next one.”  Unfortunately, I don’t know if that is a luxury we have.

One of the only articles that I read on November 9 that did not focus on Trump was a little piece on the Richmond Times-Dispatch, reminding us that Virginia is one of those weird states that does things like go by “commonwealth” and  elect people in odd-number years.  That’s right, we have a gubernatorial election coming up here in 2017 – and one of the presumed GOP frontrunners is a guy named Corey Stewart.

Does that name sound familiar?  Here’s why: Stewart was Trump’s Virginia campaign manager who got fired for being involved in an unauthorized protest against the RNC.  No need to rub your eyes in a comical cartoon character-like way, you did not read that wrong … Virginia’s next potential governor got fired for his extreme actions from a campaign that set the new bar for extreme actions.  So yeah, the scary shit has not ended.

All politics is local.  So let’s take a few days to mourn and go through the stages of grief, but let’s not forget that those hoping to continue to take the country in the wrong direction are not taking a break in preparing for the next big election.  Get educated, get involved, and let’s stop this train here and now.